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Safe capital, flexible and variable

Different payment modes for different traders.

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Low cost.

Universe specialize in freight forwarder China to Iran,West & Central Asia. we can help customers transfer funds from Iran to china Kunlun Bank with a low commission rate.Universe Group has established two core business circles with a new supply chain idea, namely, Sino-West-Asian Trade Circle taking Iran as the center and Latin American Trade Circle taking Panama as the center. With years’ devotion to supply and marketing channel within its trade circles, the Company builds smooth payment channel based on international logistics service with constantly upgrading software system. In addition, Universe provides all-round support in “information flow”, “logistics”, and “cash flow” to realize “two max. and two min.” for the overall trade and production link, i.e., maximum competitiveness, maximum benefit, minimum cost and minimum risk.

International Trade

To provide inexpensive high-quality products and efficient service is our company’s purposes. We supply petroleum equipment, auto parts, bulk materials and we provide Iran, West & Central Asia business consultation service

International Logistics

Universe specialize in freight forwarder China to Iran,West & Central Asia like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Universe as innovative freight forwarder provides professional & detailed international logistics service with low cost!

Bank Transfer Funds: Iran-Kunlun Bank

Universe help customers do bank transfer funds from Iran to China Kunlun Bank with low commission rate.Our company is capable to provide Safe capital, flexible and variable payment modes to ensure low cost for different traders
Surpass Logistics Field Even We Are In It
Surpass Logistics Field Even We Are In It
As professional freight forwarder China to Iran & Central Asian markets for years, Universe has integrated a large number of local resources & analyzed countless trade and transportation solutions to provide safe and practical full-scope trade and supply chain solutions for clients in important and export. In addition, Universe provides trade and business consultation service and we can help clients to transfer funds from Iran to China Kunlun Bank with a low commission rate.
International Freight | Transfer money Iran to China
International Freight | Transfer money Iran to China

Kunlun Bank: Transfer Funds from Iran to China

Do you worry about how to transfer money Iran to China? Do you want use kunlun bank but you cannot create? Do you want a payment methord with low cost?
Our company is capable to provide services as follows:
1. Collection and payment in Kunlun Bank.
2. Collection and payment in Iran.
3. Payment and collection in a third country.
4. Barter.

Features of Payment Service

Safe capital, flexible and variable; different payment modes for different traders ensure low cost.
Transfer money Iran to China, Universe is your Best Choice.

Logistics Service

At present, the trade between Iran, West & Central Asia and China is more and more often with increased categories of bilateral import and export and quantity of cargoes. The total trade volume has been increased greatly. Iran, West & Central Asia will be one of the potential markets for China to develop in next stage. In order to cope with this development trend and provide prompt and high-quality logistics service for massive domestic and foreign clients, Universe as outstanding freight forwarder has cultivated a professional operation team and built a mature import-export service supply chain after years’ on-site investigation and operation, thus providing a good service platform for customers

Why choose us

As professional freight forwarder China to west and Central Asia, we have integrated a large number of local resources and accumulated unique advantages in import and export
1. Transportation solution design for import and export between Iran,West & Central Asia and China
2. Full-range tracking for imported and exported cargoes
3. Iran ports and domestic port clearance service
4. Transit, warehousing, loading and unloading supervision in Abbas Port Iran
5. Logistics operation for large projects
6.Iran bank transfer funds to China kunlun bank (Solve Iran payment problem)

The regions and contents covered by our company

>>>> Major ports in China:
Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and etc.
>>>> Basic ports in Iran:
Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Bushehr, Khorramshahr.
>>>> Inland ports in Iran:
Tehran, Anzali, Esfahan, mashhad, and etc.
>>>> Inland ports in Central Asia:
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and etc.
>>>> The services we provide:
International multimodal transport, shipping and booking space, packaging, warehousing, transit, customs clearance, inspection declaration, insurance and consultation.
>>>> The successful cases:
hydropower projects, steel for petroleum projects (oil equipment, oil pipeline, etc.), iron ore, and etc.

Service within China for foreign enterprises

1. Culture, customers and practices of China

2. Procurement needs and supply capacity of Chinese enterprises
3. Analysis on Chinese products (Cotton, ore, copper and other non-ferrous metals)
4. Analysis on economic environment and policies in China
5. Risk evasion during the cooperation with Chinese enterprises
6.Iran bank transfer funds to China kunlun bank

We have complete business network and system in China; we have professional team to control the “key points” of the trading process;  we keep processing a large number of procurement and sales information, which will be processed in a higher efficiency by professional pre-judgment mechanism, so as to minimize the risk and cost of the trade! Universe also help customers transfer funds from Iran to China Kunlun Bank with a low commission

Services provided for Chinese enterprises

1. Customs and practices of Iran, West and Central Asian regions
2. Product features and procurement needs of Iran, West and Central Asian regions
3. Economic policies of Iran, West and Central Asian regions
4. Market dynamics of Iran, West and Central Asian regions
5. Risk evasion for trading in Iran, West and Central Asian regions
6.Iran bank transfer funds to China kunlun Bank
In order to provide prompt and effective services, prompt and correct local market information to clients, our company has established a branch in Tehran Iran after years’ development, so as to understand the market, culture and policy changes in Iran and markets in Central Asia, as well as assist clients to solve logistics, trade and other possible problems in local, and provide trade & business consultation to domestic clients about the markets in Iran, West & Central Asia.Universe also help customers transfer funds from iran to china kunlun bank with low commission

Full-range service to import iron ore from Iran to China

In recent years, iron ore, copper ore, lead-zinc ore and other metal mines are the key of Iran. According to the report of USA Geological Bureau, the global iron ore mining in 2010 was about 2.4 billion tons, of which Iran contributed to 33 million tons, ranking the 8th in the world. In addition, Mining Industry of Iran has made up a plan of increasing the yield of copper ore from 0.21 million tons in 2009 to 0.44 million tons during the “5th Five-year Plan” period, trying its best to be ranked at top 10 for the yield of copper.

Sulfur import from Central Asia

Our company has been specialized in Iran and Central Asian markets for years and summarized rich sulfur import operational experience. In addition, our company has established cooperation with PetroChina successfully. The products are mainly from Iran and Turkmenistan, which will be imported by 5,000-10,000 tons monthly through independent procurement and full-range logistics arrangement.

What we provide

Over 90% of iron ore of Iran would be exported to China. A complete iron ore supply chain solution catering to the property of iron ore and trade, and the understanding of our company to the iron ore trade and transportation in Iran has been developed
(1) Port warehouse storage and terminal operation
(2) Loading and unloading supervision
(3) Third party inspection
(4) Break-bulk carrier rental
(5) Trade risk control consultation in Iran
(6) Full-range tracking for imported and exported cargoes
(7)Iran bank transfer funds to China kunlun bank (Solve Iran payment problem)

Asphalt import from Iran

Generally speaking, there are two major types of asphalt, namely, asphalt and tar. Our company mainly imports asphalt, including natural asphalt (H.S. CODE: 2714901000) and petroleum asphalt (HS.CODE:271320000). The products are mainly sold to China and some are sold to Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries.

International Logistics

Universe Group has accumulated rich experience and unique advantages in import and export during China and Iran, and Central Asia in several years’ in-depth cooperation in Iran, West and Central Asia, showing great profession in woods, ore, asphalt, sulfur, cotton, equipment, steel, vehicle, tires and other cargoes in particular.
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